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Located right on the beautiful Zurich lake is our dental center in Bellevue. We ensure our center is outfitted with the latest equipment so we can provide the most gentle and painless treatment to our patients.

We recently invest in the 3D volume tomograph from Kodak and the Cerec-3D device from Sirona, which we use for denture treatment. Our practice in Zurich focuses on general and aesthetic dentistry.

We also provide emergency dental services in Bellevue for unexpected developments.

Bellevue Zahnärzte AG
Theaterstrasse 14 CH-8001 Zürich

Opening hours

Mo - Su: 07:15 - 23:00
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Our Services

Zahnarzt Bingisser
Dr. med. dent.
Andreas Bingisser
Zahnarzt Arhold
Dr. med. Dr. med. dent.
Ulrich Arhold
Zahnarzt Bingisser
Dr. med. dent.
Andreas Bingisser
Zahnarzt Roger Enz
Dr. med. dent.
Roger Enz, M.Sc.
Dr. med. dent.
Helene Sophie Pätsch
Zahnarzt Prüser
Dr. med. dent.
Christina Lanzer (ehem. Prüser)
Dr. med. dent.
Lisa Fuchsbrugger
Dr. med. dent.
Fabian Jost
Doctor medic stom.
Johann Robert Konnerth
med. dent.
Evangelos Kalogiros
Dr. med. dent.
Lena Bürkle
Swiss Smile Team
Dr. med. dent.
Antonie Else Rebecka Spillner
Zahnarzt Nimanaj
Lirija Nimanaj
Zahnarzt Baloco
Patricia Baloco
Sladjana Bojanic
Swiss Smile Team
Carmen Stadelmann
Zahnarzt Ventre
Raffaella Ventre