Emergency Dentist 365 Days

365 days a year (including Saturdays and Sundays)

Get an appointment on the same day

Located directly in Zurich main station

Emergency dental services for any tooth accidents or pain. Our dentists are located in central Zurich. Get an appointment on the same day for emergencies including on weekends.

Notfallzahnarzt-Team zur Lösung Ihrer Zahnprobleme | Swiss Smile

Emergency dentists at other locations

Our emergency dentists are available at locations across Switzerland. Book an appointment with a dentist nearby or call us for more information.

Dental emergency services

You will be given priority treatment and the fastest possible care for a dental emergency.

Broken tooth filling

Dental accidents can result in a broken tooth or loss of an existing filling. Visit a dentist to avoid further damage.


Acute toothache can have several causes. If the pain is debilitating, contact us and schedule a consultation immediately.

Weekend dentist

An emergency can take place even on the weekend. Find out which of our locations are open on Saturday and Sunday.

Important questions after a dental accident:

  • What happened?
  • When did it happen?
  • Have any teeth been injured or knocked out?
  • Are the affected teeth milk teeth or permanent teeth?
  • Is there an injury to the lips or tongue?
  • Does the injured person have any allergies to antibiotics or other drugs?

Please note: Even minor accidents may lead to complications. If in doubt, always contact your dentist.

Important: correct behavior after a dental accidents

Proper behavior can be crucial! Stop heavy bleeding by pressing a cloth to the injury and applying constant pressure. Place any broken or chipped teeth in milk. Do not try to clean the teeth. Contact a dentist immediately.

You can find more information about the correct behavior in the event of dental accidents in the leaflet of the health department of the canton of Zurich. Leaflet dental accident / dentist emergency