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swiss smile Zahnarztzentrum

Emergency Dentist 365 Days

swiss smile Zurich main station takes care of you quickly and uncomplicatedly 365 days a year. In case of emergency you will obtain priority and get a same day appointment. Do not lose any time and call us immediately. We are located directly in the main station (see Map).

+41 44 515 64 83

Emergency Dentist Zürich

Other locations

Contact us also at our other locations providing extensive opening hours. In case of emergency you will obtain priority.

+41 56 511 09 75
+41 31 511 43 04
+41 62 511 85 74

Indications in case of a dental emergency

Please report every tooth accident immediately in order to avoid permanent damage, giving the following information:

What has happened?

When did it happen?

Did any theeth get injured or lost?

Are milk or permanent teeth involved?

Did lips or tongue get injured?

Do you suffer from drug allergies?

Please note, even minor accidents can lead to complications. In case of doubt always contact your dentist.

How to react correctly in case of dental emergencies?

It is important to act quickly and correctly. Stop heavy bleedings by pressing a cloth on the wound and place lost teeth in milk. Try not to clean lost teeth. Contact your dentist immediately.