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Root canal treatment

Endodontics (also known as root canal treatment) deals with diseases of the inner structure of the tooth (soft tissue, nervous tissue (pulp) and adjacent dentine).


A root canal treatment can heal even highly diseased and hurting teeth. With the aid of modern treatment technology. 80-90% of diseased teeth can be preserved by root canal treatments.

Affected teeth show often an inflammation of the pulp, caused by either extensive dental decay, leaking dental fillings or damage caused by trauma or dysfunctional biting habits. During a root canal treatment the infected tissue of the tooth root is removed and the root canal is cleaned and disinfected. An important aid in endodontics is the surgical microscope, with which even smaller canals can be found and difficult conditions in the canal can be treated.

Removal of the root tip (Apical root ectomy)

If dental tissue is diseased causing an inflammation of the bone at the root tip, this part of the tooth might need to be removed. Therefore, a minor surgical procedure is indicated following the completion of a previous root canal treatment. This treatment option aims to eliminate the inflammation without losing the tooth by extracting the inflamed tissue and sealing the root canal to keep away bacteria.

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