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When it comes to your dental care needs, no stone should be left unturned to ensure you get the very best dentist. After all, you don’t want anything to hamper that dazzling smile! At Swiss Smile, the well-being of our patients is our priority. We offer a full range of dental services at multiple locations to ensure our clients don’t have to travel too far for their dental checkups.

Moreover, with specialists who have undergone multiple rigorous training and have years of experience behind them, we give all our customers a commitment to high-quality service at fair prices.

Searching for “Dentist Near Me”?

Your dental health is a vital part of your overall health. Having perfect teeth not only ensures your mouth is in prime health but also gives a boost to your confidence. Hence, it is important for every individual to have a dental home, instead of just visiting any dentist.

At Swiss Smile, we provide a host of dentist clinics at various locations so you can easily access the one closest to you. We also offer extended opening times, after all, emergencies don’t look at the clock! So, if you’re searching for a “dentist near me”, check out our dental locations and choose the closest one to you.

Your benefits at swiss smile

  • We take care of you 365 days a year.
  • Our extensive opening hours give you flexibility when booking your appointment.
  • You find us easily at central locations.
  • We offer you the full range of dental services under one roof.
  • Benefit from our high quality and fair prices.

Convince yourself! Our innovative concept, including extraordinary services and excellent quality, is nationally and internationally awarded. We are glad to advise you individually and comprehensively considering the newest scientific methods and state of the art technologies for your personal situation.

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Avail A Host of Dentistry Services

Our main objective, at Swiss Smile, is to provide our patients with the best service at their convenience. Hence, we have brought different types of specialists under one roof, to cater to all the possible dental needs in one dental clinic. We take care of you and advise you individually and competently.

Are you looking for the best dentist that can provide a full range of dental services, right from prevention and diagnosis, to executing the best dental treatment? Then, Swiss Smile’s dental clinic is the answer for you. We have a team of experts and specialists that provide professional advice and personal consultation, ensuring you have the best options for your oral care.

Tooth loss can occur due to multiple reasons, including accidents, trauma, tooth decay or diseases of the periodontium. That being said, the loss of teeth can quickly turn into a nightmare if not taken care of professionally. Hence, if you’re suffering from any dental condition that could require tooth removal, our team of specialists would gladly provide you with professional advice about your medical options.

At Swiss Smile, we believe that everyone can get the teeth they dream of, regardless of age. Today, a number of adults are heading to Swiss Smile dental clinics to perfect their smile to get a boost in their confidence and improve their aesthetical appeal.

Everyone wants beautiful, straight teeth. At Swiss Smile, we use modern methods in aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry to provide our patients with the beautiful and white smile that they desire.

At Swiss Smile, we have found some of the most experienced and proficient dentists working under different fields in advanced dentistry. To choose your preferred dental hygienist and to know where they are located, you can meet the team today!

Zahnarzt Zürich

Tooth cleaning

The combination of professional and individual dental hygiene is the most effective care for your dental health.
swiss smile is always up-to-date concerning the scientific developments in dental hygiene, not least due to its own
dental hygiene school which conducts its own research.

Prevention is better than cure. A professional tooth cleaning helps to preserve dental health and reduces the risk of caries and periodontitis. Our experienced team of dental hygienists and prophylaxis assistants is pleased to provide you professional teeth cleaning.

Prophylaxe Zentrum Zürich educates young dental hygienists based on the newest scientific developments for about 20 years. Thanks to the close interdisciplinary cooperation with our competence centre Zurich Nord we also provide the full range of dental treatments at the same location.

Our prophylaxis team carries out dental hygiene treatments effectively and gently. Our specialists will provide you also with useful tips for your personal dental care during your treatment. Find more information about our prophylaxis-team in our overview.

Zahnreinigung Zurich

Kids & families

The foundation for healthy and beautiful teeth is laid in childhood.
At swiss smile kids we focus on the individual needs of children and families.
We therefore provide adequate individual support in all areas of dental care and treatment.

Beautiful straight teeth and an open happy smile improve the quality of life. Healthy and straight teeth are a sign of attractiveness and success. Orthodontic therefore is a wise investment in the future of your child.

At swiss smile kids we consider the special needs of children. Beside individual treatment methods based on the newest research of dentistry, we provide a child friendly environment. Our dental providers are highly trained in the treatment of children and many of them are parents of little children themselves. Our well-educated specialists look after your child sensitively and carefully. We provide a trusting atmosphere for children and adolescents.

It is a major concern of swiss smile to give your child an understanding of dental care and to process dental treatments in a child-friendly way.

We therefore concentrate on reasonable and effective treatments. Our treatment rooms for children are designed for the need of our young patients and our team of educated professionals will take care of your child individually and sensitively.

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