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swiss smile appreciates the contact with other dentists and colleagues. We provide flexible and reliable high-quality specific dental referral services. Please fill-out the following referral form and we will contact you or optionally your patient immediately.

We appreciate your trust and lookforward to our cooperation.

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Research & advanced training

The competence centre swiss smile and our dental hygiene school Prophylaxe Zentrum Zürich rely on continuous medical progress. It is our interest always being ahead of the latest scientific developments and integrating the findings into our practical processes.

Continuously attending advance trainings and following latest research is key, however being part of this scientific development is even more important. Thus conducting own clinical research and studies and developing dental products is very meaningful for swiss smile.

Latest studies of Prophylaxe Zentrum Zürich

Study participants wanted

Study Club

To develop our cooperation with other dentists in Zurich and surroundings we offer participation at our “Study Club” for external colleagues.

Please contact Prof. Dr. med. dent Christian Stappert at to receive more information about the current event schedule of the Study Club.


swiss smile – a partnership for high quality dentistry.

To continuously develop our competence centre for high quality dentistry we are always interested in partnerships with high standard dental clinics in Switzerland. We are pleased to discuss with you potential options of a partnership, fully considering your individual plans for your succession.

swiss smile is well experienced in the support of successions, which secure a successful long-term solution and high-quality care for your patients.

Please contact us any time – we are pleased to discuss with you potential options of a partnership.


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Head of M&A
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Tel.: +41 43 344 24 03 

All contact requests and information sent will be treated highly confidential.

Marketing & Media

Please contact us at the following e-mail address for information and inquiries about marketing and media:

Latest publications

Please find following the latest publications of our dentists and specialists on various topics.

Dr. med. dent. Gérald Mettraux

Die antimikrobielle Photodynamische Therapie [PDT]
Laserphysik und Biologie
Laser bei Periimplantitis
Konzept der Periimplantitis Behandlung mit Laser, 2011
Protokolle: Laser in Paro und Periimplantitis Behandlung, 2013
CO2 and Diode Laser for excisional Biopsies of oral mucosa
Die Transgingivale Photodynamische Therapie
Vortrag SSO Kongress09
tPDT für die Dentalhygienikerin 2014