Treatment in permanent teeth

Once all the permanent teeth have come through, the main growth of the jaw has generally come to an end. Growth correction possibilities are very limited at this point in time. The main focus lies on the correction of tooth misalignments. All types of physical tooth movements e.g. tipping, rotating and parallel tooth shifts are carried out by the so-called "fixed braces". In this case the brackets are cemented onto the teeth by means of special glue and connected with thermo-elastic wires. The restoring force of the special arches is transferred to the teeth via the bracket and leads to reconstruction processes in the bone which makes tooth movement possible.

Alternatively the invisible tooth braces Invisalign Teen can be used too. At the beginning of the treatment photos, X-ray images and dental imprints are made, which will be converted into 3D images. Your dentist will show you afterwards a 3-D computer simulation of the estimated treatment results. The customised alignment splints are fitted step by step every two weeks in order to bring the teeth successively into the desired position.

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