Invisalign: removable and invisible

No other orthodontic treatment is as comfortable and discreet as Invisalign. At the beginning of the treatment photos, X-ray images and dental imprints are made, which will be converted into 3D images. Your dentist will show you afterwards a 3-D computer simulation of the estimated treatment results.

The customised alignment splints are fitted step by step every two weeks in order to bring your teeth successively into the desired position.

The alignment splint has almost no impact on your pronunciation. The duration of treatment takes approximately 3 to 18 months. During this time Invisalign has a positive effect on your positive appearance − but hardly any effect on your daily life.

We provide Invisalign treatments at the following clinics:

Invisalign teeth braces to align teeth | Swiss Smile
Clear removable INVISALIGN aligners to straighten the teeth | Swiss Smile
Smile Confidently With Invisalign braces | Swiss Smile

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