General anaesthetic

Thanks to modern anaesthetic methods and medication, treatment under general anaesthesia is a very safe option today and can also be performed ambulant. Normally, the patient can go home accompanied approximately one hour after surgery. At your swiss smile dental competence centre, anaesthesia is performed by a trusted team of experienced anaesthetists.

When is a treatment under general anaesthetic indicated?

A treatment under general anaesthetic is recommended when a patient has great fear of the dental treatments (dentophobia) or in cases of extended surgical interventions (e.g. implants).

It as advantage of the treatment under general anaesthetic that different treatment steps can be combined. Therefore, the number of necessary treatments can be reduced.

Alternative sedation methods

In addition to treatment under general anaesthesia, swiss smile offers also alternative sedation methods, such as laughing gas, hypnosis and pre-medication, depending on the expertise of the local dental clinics.

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