Erosion damages

In response to a meal the body produces acids which make the teeth vulnerable. Saliva has the ability to neutralise these acids and remineralises the enamel within hours.

The effectiveness of this repair mechanism can be highly disturbed by our nutrition choices. Especially consistent consumption of acidic drinks or food increases the risk of enamel damage significantly. Also eating disorders or other reasons to expose the teeth to stomach acid can have a dramatic impact on enamel and dentin.

Frequent consultation with a dental hygienist, and if indicated a nutritionist, will help to build a foundation for your dental health. If it is required to rebuild teeth concerning shape, colour and function, minimally invasive dentistry plays a major role.

If a bulimia is diagnosed the health insurance often bears the incurred costs. Unfortunately, people suffering bulimia are often ashamed to talk about their problems. The sooner the problem is identified, the better measures can be applied to save your teeth.

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