Calculus removal

Calculus is a result of bacteria which grow in food particles remaining on the tooth surface for a long time and start to calcify. Classic symptoms of present calculus are for instance swellings, reddening and bleeding gums. The effective removal of the calculus requires a professional dental cleaning by a dental hygienist. Depending on the gravity of the disease and the pain perception of the patient, a local anaesthetic is advisable during treatment. The removal of attached calculus reduces present bacteria significantly and therefore stops inflammation and extensive damage of the periodontium. Especially the inner surfaces of the incisors and the outer surfaces of the first/second molars are at risk to be diseased. The regular professional dental cleaning performed by a dental hygienist in combination with improved personal oral hygiene methods is usually a proven method to prevent from calculus. Our team of highly skilled professional dental hygienists will be at your service.

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