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Reconstructive Dentistry

Tooth crowns

The visible part of the tooth, which stands out of the gum and is covered with enamel, is named the tooth crown.

In cases of extensive damage of the tooth structure, minimal invasive methods are not sufficient to stabilise the tooth permanently. In these cases the remaining tooth structure needs to be covered with a tooth crown for durable restoration.

Dental bridges (Fixed dental prostheses)

Progressive dental decay, extensive bone loss or fracture of the tooth often doesn’t permit to preserve the remaining part of the tooth. The extraction of the tooth causes a gap in the dentition which is traditionally treated with a fixed dental prosthesis (dental bridge). To do so, the adjacent teeth to the gap require extensive tooth preparation to serve as retentive abutments for the dental bridge. In between an artificial tooth is placed.


The innovative CEREC technology allows the replacement of damaged dental fillings in just one session. In the beginning, the prepared tooth is scanned with a special CEREC camera. Afterwards the CEREC computer processes the image data and creates a digital model of the tooth. On this model the dentist generates the dental restoration on the computer, which is then transferred to a machining unit that cuts the restoration out of a ceramic block within a few minutes. The computer-controlled 3-D cutting machine works with such precision that the finished object can be fitted immediately. Since external laboratory costs can be reduced, lower prices can be offered to the patient in comparison to traditional alternatives.

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