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Promoting overall health, protecting teeth and supporting plans to conceive thanks to early detection of hidden inflammation.

Check your dental health with PerioSafe: fast, reliable, painless.

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Oral inflammation can have a negative impact on a person's overall health. Not only can it increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but it can even cause complications with fertility. As Switzerland’s only dental competence and study partner for aMMP8® technology, swiss smile is now launching a quick test to facilitate early detection of this condition.

Easy dental health checkup with PerioSafe test | Swiss Smile

Fast, reliable and painless: this test is now on offer at Zurich’s main station /ShopVille and Bahnhofstrasse branches, as well as in Baden

Looking after your teeth to promote positive all-round health

As the majority of inflammatory gum diseases do not involve any pain at the outset, many people suffer with these conditions without even realising. Nevertheless, not only are these are the most common contributors to tooth loss, but they also carry a risk of issues including cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and even premature births. These complications are caused by bacterial toxins in the saliva, which can lead to further infections in the body or even accumulate in the blood. Preventative care and early treatment are therefore essential, so regular visits to the hygienist and good oral hygiene are crucial when it comes to maintaining your oral health. To support these measures, the aMMP8® quick test now makes it possible to detect hidden inflammatory processes – which can seriously impact overall health and chances of conception – at an earlier stage than ever before. What’s more, thanks to the dental measures that can be taken as a follow-up to this test, inflammation-related tooth loss and negative effects on overall health can be prevented in virtually all cases.

Essential support for couples trying to conceive

The list of potential complications doesn't stop there: illnesses and diseases can often have a negative impact on those trying for a baby: good oral hygiene can improve the odds of fertility for both men and women, while undetected bacteria in the mouth can cause serious issues for the body. Periodontitis during pregnancy, in fact, is up there as one of the primary contributing factors towards premature births. For couples who are having difficulty conceiving, it is therefore definitely worth seeking a dental evaluation from a specialist in addition to your existing medical support.

An innovative system offering test results within just 5 minutes

The swiss smile group is a selected expert partner in Switzerland for early detection diagnostics using aMMP8® technology. This quick test for diagnosing risks is based on sound scientific evidence and works by detecting the presence of a collagen-degrading enzyme in the saliva. International studies have repeatedly proven just how effective this test really is, with results revealed within 5 minutes of this painless process.

In the event of a positive result, we offer a personalised treatment strategy incorporating the recommended next steps as part of our integrated service providing comprehensive care.

The impressive benefits of the early detection test at a glance:

  • Early detection of hidden inflammatory processes and tissue necrosis helps to:
  • avoid tooth loss caused by inflammation
  • reduce the risk of chronic illnesses
  • exclude the potential for negative effects on fertility
  • Painless, simple test procedure
  • Reliable result within 5 minutes
  • Detailed advice and a personalised treatment plan in case of a positive result

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